Scientific Program Committee (SPC)

Johannes Wancata, Vienna, Austria 
George Patton, Melbourne, Australia 
Rob Stewart, London, UK 
Steffi Riedel-Heller, Leipzig, Germany 
Arnstein Mykletun, Bergen, Norway

Members of the SPC are appointed by the executive board of IFPE and the local. The SPC invites plenary speakers, appoints members of the International advisory committee, and reviews submitted abstracts and symposium proposal. 

International advisory committee (IAC)

Members of the IAC are appointed by the SPC. The role of the IAC is to promote submission of abstracts and symposium proposals. Members of the IAC are encouraged to promote specific topics during the conference, i.e. by inviting colleagues to submit abstracts or propose symposia. Thus, members of the IAC will be listed with themes. Anyone may submit abstracts or symposium proposals under the submission tab on this site. Link to submission


Beate Brinchmann, Bodø, Norway Occupational   psychiatry in severe mental illness
Peter Butterworth, Canberra, Australia Work environment and mental health
Ian Colman, Ottawa, Canada Life course perspectives and longitudinal studies
David Cooke,   Glasgow, UK Forensic psychiatry
Nicholas Glozier,   Sydney, Australia Insomnia
Arne Holte, Oslo,   Norway Global mental health  
Felice Jacka,   Melbourne, Australia Nutrition and mental health
Richard Layard, London, UK Economy
David McDaid, London, UK Health economy
Wendy Nilsen, Oslo, Norway Gender differences in sickness absence and disability benefits
Norbert Skokauskas,   Trondheim, Norway Child and adolescent psychiatry
Gunnel Hensing, Göteborg, Sweden Occupational mental health
Stephen Stansfield, London, UK Occupational mental health
Vigdis Elin Giæver Syrstad, Norway Bipolar Disorder
Ketil Ødegaard, Norway Bipolar Disorder
Shridhar Sharma Violence and mental health correlates
Laura Andrade  


Local organizing committee

Arnstein Mykletun, local host
Knut Rypdal, legal
Steffen Stamnes, IT and technical
Beate Brinchmann, secretary   

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